Feurich "Dynamic II" 179

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F179 Grand Piano by Feurich, Vienna. New.  179 cm

The Model 179 is a powerful, well-balanced grand piano, with a characteristic warm and generous FEURICH tone. The piano has an extended soundboard surface area, which helps create that big sound and present bass. Rust-free strings improve the tone and increase the longevity of the instrument, and the redesigned frame make this instrument even superior to its predecessor, the Model 178, winner of the prestigious Diapason award for the best piano under 30,000 Euro.


  •  extended soundboard surface area
  •  exceptionally large and consistent tone
  •  new FEURICH action for fast and precise touch
  •  climate-resistant multi-laminated pinblock
  •  Paulello rust-free string wire
  •  integrated anti-glare LED Lamp
  •  soft-close fallboard
  •  Seven year guarantee

The 179 – Dynamic II provides an outstanding sound performance for a medium-size grand piano, and has proven itself in many conservatories and small concert halls around the world. In New Zealand the Feurich F179 has featured on the concert stage in many genres, from opera to pop.   

The video demonstrated the tonal capabilities of this grand piano, as well as a technical explanation of design philosophy, acoustic construction and selection of materials.

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