Our Pianos for Sale

Visit our two Ferrymead showrooms to try out the pianos in a quiet environment. Take your time to choose the instrument that is just right for you, your family — and your budget.

Play the new and late model imported pianos, such as Yamaha, Feurich or Kawai.
Or check out the world class pianos we have reconditioned in our workshop: Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner, Pleyel and others.

Upright Pianos

Our upright piano prices start at around $3000, which is the minimum one should pay for a modern piano in good playing condition. If your budget is lower, we recommend not wasting money on buying an inferior instrument but instead look at renting a piano for some time. This is a very popular option as it keeps all choices open for the future — and we 50% of rent paid if you decide to buy later on.

   Pianos under $6000   


Professional Models are taller, from 121 cm and up. The most popular are the Yamaha pianos — with the U1 and U3 models the best known. We import these directly from Japan. We are careful to select only "A"-grade models which look like new inside and out. Even then, we spend many hours carefully regulating, lubricating action parts, voicing the hammers and tuning the instruments to A441 Hz. Prices start at around $ 7600, under half the new price.

     Yamaha & Kawai     


New Feurich Pianos are fast gaining in popularity around New Zealand. No wonder, given their excellent tonal qualities at an attractive price point. For over 160 years Feurich have been combining traditional workmanship with state-of-the-art production. 
Hoekstra Pianos is proud of the successful introduction of the Feurich line of pianos to New Zealand in 2016, as a European alternative to the better known Japanese brands.

     Feurich Pianos     


  Some classic piano names come up for rebuilding in the DS Pianos workshop next door from time to time. These are the special world-class instruments built by some of the finest piano designers and technicians of the 20th  century: Steinway, Bechstein, Pleyel, Erard, Blüthner and others.

Have a look what we have in the shop at the moment.

Steinway and Classic European Pianos

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to play at your leisure. We always have a large selection of pianos on the shop floor to choose from.