Rent a Piano from us

Renting a piano is a popular option

Our rent option is an ideal way to have a quality piano in your home for minimal cost. You can rent a piano from just $22 per week. If you decide at any time to purchase, half of the rent paid to date is refunded. 

We are based in Christchurch so only rent pianos in the Canterbury area.

The pianos available for rent are all modern instruments, fully reconditioned and guaranteed if you decide to buy.

From $22 per week
From $22 per week
6 Month Minimum Rental
6 Month Minimum Rental
50% Refund if Purchased
50% Refund if Purchased
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 The benefits of renting from us

  • Modern pianos
  • Tuned to A440 concert pitch
  • The same pianos as our instruments for sale - no compromise
  • Low-risk entry into a lifetime of musical pleasure
  • Delivery is extra. Free tuning after delivery and piano stool are included
  • Fully touch regulated for optimum performance - both beginners and advanced players

Interested in renting a piano?

Send us a message here and one of the Hoekstra Pianos team will be in touch with you to discuss your options.

Or, just visit us in the Ferrymead shop. We are open six days a week. 


Are you interested in buying a piano?

Browse our great range of new and reconditioned pianos.