Feurich "Concert I" 218

F218 "Concert I" Semi-Concert Grand Piano

by Feurich, Vienna. New. 218 cm. $56,995

The "FEURICH Model 218 Concert I" is an exclusive design by esteemed piano designer Stephen Paulello. The unique construction of this semi concert grand piano sets completely new quality and sound standards. The highest quality components and woods are used in the construction process––hammer heads by Renner of Stuttgart, AA rated quality felts from Wurzen and a first class soundboard. The 218 – Concert I has the customary rich, warm and sonorous tone associated with FEURICH, coupled with an impressive clarity and precision.


  •  World class sound performance
  •  Excellent consistency across the entire range
  •  Unique Stefan Paulello designed frame
  •  Rust-free strings for purity of tone and longevity
  •  Renner hammer heads
  •  Precise and responsive FEURICH action & keyboard
  •  Integrated anti-glare LED Lamp
  •  Traditional music rest design
  •  Seven year guarantee

The 218 – Concert I is in use in many recording studios, as well as small and medium size concert halls around the world. Here in New Zealand this piano was selected for the 2018 National Piano Concerto Competitions.

The video shows the instrument being played to demonstrate why this is a serious concert instrument in aspects of structural and acoustic design and technical refinement - while also showing its rich deep European sonority.

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