Feurich "Design" 125

F125 by Feurich, Vienna. New125 cm.

The FEURICH Model 125 "Design" is the larger, more technically sophisticated version of the top selling F122 - Universal. Precise CNC milling and a duplex scale ensure even better string vibrations and rich sound. The elegant case design and beautiful workmanship make the FEURICH Mod. 125 design an eye-catcher in every music room .

The unique FEURICH action design and a similar key weighting to a grand piano allow a precise response even in pianissimo and a remarkably fast repetition. FEURICH special felts from England as well as keyboard and action parts made of Austrian solid wood complete the profile. This instrument will satisfy even the most demanding pianist.

  • Duplex scaling for unparalleled brilliance
  • CNC machined capo terminations for extra bass purity
  • Wurzen AA quality hammerhead felt
  • Elegant case design and soft-close lid
  • Extra legroom under the keyboard (65 cm)
  • FEURICH practise pedal for quiet study mode
  • Seven year guarantee

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