Feurich "Concert" 133

F133 by Feurich, Vienna. New.  133 cm.

The largest upright, the FEURICH 133 – Concert, delivers exceptional bass response and a large sound to rival many small grand pianos. Sophisticated CNC milling techniques on the iron frame result in a purity of tone in the bass not found on other uprights. The use of special rust-free strings, as well as various other technical innovations set this instrument apart from the competition.

  •  Extra large construction for exceptionally large sound
  •  Special Paulello-designed rust-free string wire
  •  FEURICH designed action with all natural components - no plastics used
  •  Duplex Scaling for extra brilliance in tone
  •  Sophisticated iron frame design for purity in bass register
  •  Integrated anti-glare LED Lamp
  •  Soft Fall System
  •  Celeste pedal for quiet playing mode
  •  Seven year guarantee

The Model 133 – Concert is perfectly suited to schools and conservatories, as well as small concert and recording venues. Its sound rivals that of many small grand pianos and its touch provides excellent dynamic response with a fast repetition.

On the video, the instrument is opened up and played to show why it is truly a professional instrument in aspects of structural design and technical refinement - while also demonstrating its beautifully rich European tone.

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