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We can store your piano safely


We have a secure piano storage facility in our Ferrymead (Christchurch) workshop. Here, we store upright and grand pianos for customers in a humidity controlled environment for a reasonable weekly fee. The pianos are protected from the excesses of humidity and temperature that typically occur in storage units, containers and garages. Excessively high or low humidity can cause action parts to seize or misalign, do damage to metal, felt and wooden components and will negatively impact both the touch and the tone of a piano.

Both long and short term storage options are available. We can arrange safe transport from and to your home. Included in the storage fee is a free set up and tuning once the instrument is safely back in your home.

Call Wytze Hoekstra now to enquire:  (03) 3844248     021 373744     or email:zn.oc.onaip@eztyw

The Ferrymead showroom is open from Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.