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    PIANO OF THE MONTH - Yamaha U1 (U10) - 121 cm - Polished Ebony




Our Piano of the Month: Yamaha U1 (U10) Upright Piano
in showroom condition

121 cm - 88 keys
Polished Ebony
3 pedals: Sustain, Soft, Study
Manufacturer: Yamaha Japan
#5099561 - 1993

Metal action rail
Yamaha balanced action
Full length ribs into a notched liner
Hard maple bridges and pinblock

Includes matching stool
Guarantee: 7 years
Tuning: Free tuning included (Christchurch)

"The Yamaha U1 is the flagship model among mid-sized Yamaha upright pianos. Japanese built models are in high demand for their depth of tone and responsive touch. Top quality materials and workmanship, extended dynamic range and a fast action that allows for all the fine nuances of musicianship are all hallmarks of this piano. The U10 is identical to the U1 model apart from certain changes in the cabinet.
We have imported this Yamaha U1 (U10) directly from Japan (JUPA certificated, A rating). It was then carefully regulated, voiced and tuned to concert pitch A440."

Wytze Hoekstra

This piano is backed by our seven year guarantee and comes with a free tuning.



Call Wytze on (03) 3844248 or 021-373744 to arrange to view and play this piano.