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Feurich "Premiere" 115

By Feurich, Vienna.
New. Ebony gloss finish. 115 cm.

The construction of this new model originated in Germany, orchestrating the concept was Rolf Ibach.
This design promotes a continuation of the 160-year-old FEURICH tradition for innovation.

The new Upright Mod. 115 – "Premiere" is an instrument that will take a leading position in the piano world, regarding tone, touch and design, as well as size.

  • The Tone - A scale of timbre ranging from deep dark to crystal light,  and from soft warmth to brilliance.
  • The Touch - Easy, with comfortable resistance, so that it enables even fine dynamic differences.
  • The Case - Straight lines, modest and modern, and yet timeless. 

Beautiful to behold, in accordance with the tastes of time, this instrument also comes at a price one always hoped for in quality pianos.

Bechstein B124


New. 124 cm. Black Polish.

Made in Germany. A beautiful instrument.
Come and play it at your leisure in our Ferrymead showroom.

  • U1
    New Bechstein B124. Ebony gloss finish.


Feurich "Universal" 122

By Feurich, Vienna.
New. Ebony gloss finish. 122 cm.


The model that started it all, has become an award-winning best-seller. It was redeveloped in 2010/11 by the Vienna team of experts in order to improve on its quality even further.

  • Perfected technique
  • Highest European standard
  • Lovingly crafted details

Special design features ensure great tuning stability under varying climate conditions. The Mod. 122 "Universal" has a vivacious, rich and strong tone that compares favorably with many baby grands.

Kohler & Campbell KC145


New. 115 cm. Ebony

This is an entry level new upright piano with an attractive price. Klaus Fenner design.

  • U1
    New Kohler & Campbell 115cm. Ebony gloss finish. $4,995.


New pianos are prepared in our workshop, where time is spent regulating, stabilizing the tuning at A440Hz, voicing and other tonal adjustments to bring out the best in each instrument.

$ 4,995

Other Feurich models ...

Please visit our Ferrymead showroom to see our new piano selection with instruments by Feurich, Yamaha, Bechstein and Kohler & Campbell.
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