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Visit the Ferrymead showroom to try out our pianos in a quiet environment. Take your time to choose the instrument that is just right for you, your family - and your budget. Play the new pianos and see the late models imported from Japan. Or check out the pianos that David has reconditioned in the workshop.

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Wed to Sat 10 - 5.30 pm

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 Piano of the Month

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
in showroom condition

121 cm - 88 keys - Made in Japan
Polished Ebony
3 pedals: Sustain, Soft, Study
#5099561 - 1993. Seven year guarantee.
Matching bench and free tuning included.

  • U1
    Yamaha U1 121cm. Ebony gloss finish.
The U1 is the medium sized instrument of choice for the discerning pianist.

Enjoy the even, responsive touch. The tone is rich and full with excellent sustain in the melody register.

$ 6,995

Grand Piano of the Month

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
in showroom condition

186 cm - 88 keys
Polished Ebony
3 pedals: Sustain, Una Corda, Sostenuto
Manufacturer: Yamaha Japan
#5355523 - Year: 1995

  • Yamaha C3
    Yamaha C3
    Yamaha C3 186cm. Ebony gloss finish.

Try this piano in the showroom:
From the Ivorite keys and the beautifully weighted touch to the rich sonority of a 186 cm piano, this instrument is a delight to play and would be ideal for serious piano study, teaching or performance.


$ 24,995

Steinway Z
upright piano 115 cm

Ivory keys
Built by Steinway, Hamburg
Flame Mahogany Gloss finish


  • U1
    Steinway Z upright Piano.

Special Price:

$ 9995

  Coming Soon 

Steinway B Steinway Vertegrand
Blüthner C. Bechstein Model 10

These instruments are currently being reconditioned in our workshop. Please check to see when they will be ready.

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